Product Description

At the beginning of the 21st century, cell phone has started its rapid proliferation. Eventually, its ubiquitous status has raised problems such as their potential use to invade privacy or contribute to egregious academic cheating. In addition, public wills were growing against the intrusive disruption of cell phones in daily life. While more and more civilians are suffered from chronically poor reception, such as high frequency noise.  Fortunately, Portable Mini Mobile Signal Jammers are an alternative to more expensive measures against cell phones, such as the portable mobile jammers, which are mostly suitable for building a security environment. Cell phone jammers were originally created for the military and law enforcement to interrupt communications between criminals and terrorists. Some were designed to destroy the success of certain remotely explosives. The civilian applications were apparent too. So over time many companies design jammers for government use and at the same time sell them to private entities.


  • Effective shielding radius: 5 ~15m
  • Total Power: 5W
  • Built-in 4500mAh lithium battery
  • Mobile phone signal frequency: GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G/TD-SCDMA
  • Isolation signal bandwidth:
    • CDMA / GSM: 850 ~ 960MHZ
    • DCS / PHS: 1800 ~ 1990MHz
    • TD – SCDMA: 2005 ~ 2030MHZ
    • 3G: 2100 ~ 2170MHz


  • 1 Signal Jammer
  • 4 antennas
  • AC power charger


Important Notes for Jamming Distance: The jamming distances we mentioned on website are for customer’s reference only. The actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and the use location and if full charges, etc.

Important Notes for Portable Jammers with No Cooling Fan: Do not use the jammer when it is charging, or it will burn the jammer as it has no built-in fan. If because of this factor due to the broken of the jammer, the customer will lose the authority of free repairation .

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